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Importing without unnecessary costs

When you import goods, you have to pay VAT. You can often get this VAT refunded later, but there is an even better way. By applying for a VAT reverse charge permit, you will prevent yourself from having to advance huge sums in VAT and make importing goods a whole lot simpler.

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Section 23

No VAT, thanks to reverse charging

If you regularly import goods, it is a good idea, especially in case of high-value goods, to apply with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration for a permit under Section 23 of the Dutch Turnover Tax Act (Wet omzetbelasting). This permit will let you use the VAT reverse charge mechanism in your import declaration. This means that the VAT on the goods you import will not be payable immediately when you import them, but will be reverse charged to the VAT return. You will then not be issued with a VAT bill for imports.

Apply for a Section 23 permit

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