The right documents for exports

We will make sure everything goes smoothly at the border.

Export rights and obligations

When you want to ship goods to Switzerland or any other country, there is more to it than just arranging the transport. At the border, you must have all the right customs papers in order, including invoices, a packing slip, and a customs document. We will help you get started by advising you on the papers you need and helping you get customs clearance at the Swiss border. This way, your goods will cross the border without any hold-ups.

  • Import duties
  • Direct representation authorisation
  • List of customs documents
Import duties

Clear invoices

When you export goods, you have to pay VAT, import duties, and a handling fee at the border of the country you are exporting to. Whether these charges are payable by the recipient or the sender must be clear at the border. The invoice must state the right terms of supply. This will create clarity at the border and prevent unnecessary delays. Your freight will then quickly and smoothly make it through customs.

What can we do for you?

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